Manicure treatment using BalbCare Gloves

  • Wipe with nail cleaner, gently file nails and remove dust from the nails.
  • It is very important that before putting the gloves, spread the emulsion towards the tip of the fingers inside the gloves. Wear the gloves on client and make sure the skin and nails are coated with the emulsion located inside the gloves.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other hand as well
  • Take the first hand and make sure that the emulsion is on the fingers and nails
  • With a pair of scissors, cut the tips of the plastic glove fingers and start the manicure (cut cuticles etc.). It will be very easy to cut the cuticle and work on the skin. This is because the product contains BalbCare ingredients that softens and help remove the skin, reducing the overall manicure time.
  • After completing the first hand proceed to do the same on the left hand. The skin will be nourished and moisturized. Move the emulsion towards the fingers and start the manicure on the other hand.
  • Take the first hand and gently remove the plastic gloves while pulling the excess emulsion. Then start performing massage. Important: Massage can only be performed after removing the plastic glove! Massaging hands inside the plastic glove can cause irritation. (Important: Do not perform massage as long as the gloves are worn, as the glove friction on the skin can exfoliate and irritate sensitive skin)
  • Using a cotton swab, wipe the nail plate with acetone and if needed prepare with primer.
  • Finally, use a Silcare nail polish or Silcare hybrid gel polish, to finish with a nice and elegant colour.

What is BalbCare?

Balbcare - a pair of polyethylene gloves and socks containing a high-quality nutritional preparation, disposable nail file and orange stick.

What makes up BalbCare?

Balbcare has a high performance formulation containing 7 nourishing active ingredients for beautiful hands, nails and feet in a single product.

Why BalbCare?

Enter the world of BalbCare and treat yourself and your customers a unique treatment!

How to BalbCare?

See step-by-step how to easily and professionally carry out treatment using BalbCare gloves and socks


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