Why BalbCare?

Enter the world of BalbCare and treat yourself and your customers a unique nutrition by providing:

  • tea tree extract known since the time of the aborigines, it is used in dermatology, particularly in the treatment of ringworm. This substance is very effective in mycosis caused by dermatophyte fungi as well. It is used in the treatment of athlete's foot and excessive sweating of hands and feet because it eliminates odor in cases of excessive sweating. Another advantage is that it tea tree extracts penetrate the skin very easily and has a bactericidal effect;
  • Calcium is extremely important for the good appearance of our nails. It prevents any kind of spots on the nail plate, while strengthening the nail plate so that it prevents breakages;
  • Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory and hygroscopic (moisture associated) substance that stimulates cell division and growth of new cells. In the cosmetic industry, it is known for its Keratolytic action (exfoliative dermatitis). In addition, its properties accelerate the regeneration of the skin, soothing , anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it smooths rough skin by moisturizing and softening the skin. It protects the skin from harmful external factors and has a natural antioxidant;
  • Keratin is the basic protein from which nails are made of. It provides a more moist and flexible nail plate. Keratin strengthens and hardens your natural nails to increase their health and appearance;
  • Hamamelis is a shrub extract more commonly known as witch hazel, a native of North America. Native Americans used it to treat burns, bleeding, inflammation, and hemorrhoids. It has strong astringent properties and vasoconstrictors. Its properties include a large amount of tannin contained in the plant, in Particular elagotanin and hamamelitannin. Thanks to the flavonoids contained in it, it has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • polymer R236 - a new formula developed by the laboratory in Panama that allow the natural nail protection against the negative effects of nail polish at the same time increasing its grip;

BalbCare capsule is packed with nutrients that give us beautifully landscaped, reclaimed hands, nails and feet. Thanks to innovative technology it guarantees manicures and pedicures that will be even more enjoyable and safe.

BalbCare is a REVOLUTION in manicure and pedicure that works so comprehensively, thus increasing the safety standards and cleanliness.

With the best specialists in the field of dermatology, BalbCare was introduced on the basis of NATURAL ingredients that revolutionized treatments in salons and homes. BalbCare protects hands, feet and nails against fungal attack, strengthens nails while giving a shiny appearance. It allows you to enjoy longer lacquer on nails.

Frequent use of BalbCare provides younger hands, feet and nails.  This is confirmed by the multi-annual study performed in the Brazilian laboratory Balpharm. Millions of customers in the USA, South America, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Europe, use Balbcare products with great satisfaction.

BalbPharm dermatological research

What is BalbCare?

Balbcare - a pair of polyethylene gloves and socks containing a high-quality nutritional preparation, disposable nail file and orange stick.

What makes up BalbCare?

Balbcare has a high performance formulation containing 7 nourishing active ingredients for beautiful hands, nails and feet in a single product.

Why BalbCare?

Enter the world of BalbCare and treat yourself and your customers a unique treatment!

How to BalbCare?

See step-by-step how to easily and professionally carry out treatment using BalbCare gloves and socks


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