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Manicure treatment using Glove BalbCare

Manicure treatment using Glove BalbCare


Pedicure treatment using BalbCare Socks

Pedicure treatment using BalbCare Sox

Additional Important Information

BalbCare Gloves Kit: Pair of High Density Unadultered Polyethylene Gloves containing 26g of Professional Emollient, one wood stick cuticle pusher and one nail file.

  • 1: Remove the nail varnish and file the nails of the first hand.
  • 2: Put the glove on and make sure that all cuticles are covered with emollient and set aside. This is why is very important to distribute the emollient before starting the BalbCare process.
  • 3: Remove the nail varnish and file the nails of the second hand. Put the glove on and make sure that the emollient is well applied in all cuticles.
  • 4: Go back to the first hand and press each finger using movements that slides the emollient backwards. This small attention makes the work with the plier’s nails much easier and improves the visualization of the cuticles.
  • 5: With a spatula, or clamp nails, break the fingertips of the glove and start working the cuticles. See how much easy is to remove the cuticle. This is so, because BalbCare has components that help activating cuticle release, reducing the time spent in cuticle work.
  • 6: After finishing the first hand, maintain the glove resting deeply hydrating the hand and do the same steps on the second hand. Sliding the emollient, breaking the fingertips of the glove and start working the cuticles.
  • 7: Start removing the gloves delicately, keeping the plastic very close to the skin. It’s important to know how to perform this step well in order to facilitate later cleaning of emollient residues. Make good use of the emollient on the skin to massage the hands.

(Do not perform this procedure as long as the plastic remains on the skin, because with the friction the plastic can act as an exfoliating agent, irritating more sensitive skins)

  • 8: Using cotton swabs, apply a little of acetone on each nail. This process chemically activates the exclusive varnish fixative polymer.
  • 9: Finalize by applying base coat and varnish. Finalize as usual.

(The wooden pick and the nail file are items of individual use and should be offered to the customer or immediately disposed off)


What is BalbCare?

Balbcare - a pair of polyethylene gloves and socks containing a high-quality nutritional preparation, disposable nail file and orange stick.

What makes up BalbCare?

Balbcare has a high performance formulation containing 7 nourishing active ingredients for beautiful hands, nails and feet in a single product.

Why BalbCare?

Enter the world of BalbCare and treat yourself and your customers a unique treatment!

How to BalbCare?

See step-by-step how to easily and professionally carry out treatment using BalbCare gloves and socks


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