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BalbCare Starter Kit (10 pairs gloves + 10 pairs socks)

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BalbCare Starter Kit includes:

Regular use of BalbCare  products, alleviates the negative effects of eczema and excessively dry hands. It prevents fungal infection, prevents the ingrown nail. It strengthens the nail plate, improves its appearance, regulates blood circulation in the hands and feet, exfoliates dead skin cells and restores the new epidermis.

BalbCare is a healthy treatment, which contains all the necessary components that will allow you to enjoy beautiful nails, hands and feet while moisturizing your hands, nails and feet. The unique composition of active ingredients, makes a complete regeneration of the nail. It completely eliminates the use of water during manicures and pedicures. It accelerates the work and raises safety standards procedures performed in your salon.

Note: To achieve 100% of the benefits, it is important to perform operations in accordance with the instructions on the page

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